Three Ceremonies


Keel Authentication - LCS 21

The first ceremony bringing a US Navy warship into the fleet is the                   

Keel Authentication Ceremony.  

The Ships Sponsor declares the 'keel truly and fairly laid.'   Her initials are etched into a steel plate which is welded to the hull, usually in a passageway so the crew can view it.  This is a picture from our ceremony February 22, 2018.  

Our sponsor is second from the left.


Christening Ceremony June 15, 2019

The Christening Ceremony involves the Ships Sponsor smashing a bottle of champagne against the hull.  This officially names the ship and typically is launched at or near the same time.  In the case of the Freedom-class warships, they're launched sideways into the river separating Michigan and Wisconsin. Watch it here!


Commissioning Estimated Late Summer 2020

The Commissioning Ceremony is where a warship receives its United States Ship (USS) designation for the first time.  

In our case we will request to the US Navy that Minneapolis Saint Paul commissions in the Port of Duluth.  

We will make history with a US Navy warship commissioning in Minnesota for the first time!